I. Grasping the opportunity to upgrade to a provincial economic development zone
  The first is to set up Lingyang Development Zone. In June 1992, through the approval of county Party Committee and county government of Linlin County, based on Lin Steel, Iron and Steel Company in Lin County and Hongqi Canal Cement Plant, Lingyang Development Zone has been established at the junction of Chengguan, Yao Village, He Shun and Hengshui. The planning areas of development area are 9 square kilometers. In 1993, on the basis of the development zone,. Lingyang Town has been set up approved by Ministry of Civil Affairs.
  The second is to establish Linzhou Industrial Park. With the development of foundry processing industry, in order to promote the reasonable industrial agglomeration, the integration of advantageous resources, industrial upgrading, the accelerating of economic restructuring and enhancing of the industrialization level, in September 2001, Linzhou municipal Party Committee and municipal government decided to set up Linyang Industrial Park. In October of the same year, Anyang municipal government agreed to establish industrial park in Linzhou City. In October 2002, Linzhou Industrial Park officially laid the foundation stone with the park planning area of 4 square kilometers.
  The third is to upgrade to a provincial economic development zone. With the Linzhou Industrial Park continuing to grow and develop, in August 2005, it successfully passed the acceptance of the national and Henan Development and Reform Commission; in December of the same year, the development zone carried out listing ceremony, changing its name into “Linzhou Economic Development Zone”; In March 2006, the Henan Provincial Government approved the Linzhou Economic Development Zone as a provincial-level development zone, changing its name into “Henan Linzhou Economic Development Zone”; in April 2006, through the assessment and notice of National Development and Reform Commission, Henan Linzhou Economic Development Zone became one of the provincial development zone remained by Henan Province located in the county (district), and the planning areas of the development zone were 2.41 square kilometers.
  II. Grasping the opportunities of the province’s industrial cluster construction
  In December 2008, approved by the Henan Provincial People’s Government, Linzhou Industrial Cluster was established based on Henan Linzhou Economic Development Zone, becoming one of the province’s first batch 180 industrial agglomeration areas, with the planning area of 27.05 square kilometers. Linzhou municipal government increased the investment in infrastructure, improving the area roads, greening, pipe network and other constructions. It increased investment and industrial projects to further enhance the pace of development. The economic indicators ranked in the forefront of the province, which laid the foundation for upgrading to the state-level economic and technological development zone.
  III. Grasping the opportunity of Central Plains Economic Zone rising to the national strategy 
  The article 42 of “the Guideline of State Council on supporting Henan Province to speed up the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone” (Guofa [2011] No. 32) clearly states that “to support qualified provincial-level development zones to upgrad to state-level development zones”. In accordance with the document requirements, the Hongqi Canal Economic Development Zone has been actively engaged in the establishment work of state-level development zones. Through more than a year’s hard work, on October 13, 2012, the State Council officially approved the Hongqi Can Economic Development Zone to upgrade to a state-level economic and technological development zone.

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