The Hongqi Canal Economic and Technological Development Zone is located in the north-east of Linzhou City, with a planned area of 27.05 square kilometers and 419 entered enterprises. Its leading industries are equipment manufacturing and electronic products, and using the same institution and different brands with Linzhou Industrial Agglomeration Zone. The Development Zone has been established in early year of 1992, which has been approved to be the provincial development zone by Henan provincial government in March, 2006. In April 2006, it has passed the assessment of National Development and Reform Commission, becoming one of the three provincial-level development zones set in the county (district) remained in Henan Province. In December 2008, approved by the Henan Provincial People’s Government, Linzhou industrial cluster district has been established on the basis of Hongqi Canal Economic Development Zone, becoming one of the first batch of 180 industrial clusters in Henan Province; in October 2012, the Hongqi Canal Economic Development Zone was approved by the State Council as a China Level Economic and Technological Development Zone, becoming the first state-level development zone set in county in the central and western regions.  
  In recent years, relying on good transportation advantages, perfect infrastructure and distinctive industry characteristics, the Hongqi Canal Development Zone has attracted a number of China’s top 500 enterprises, such as China Datang and Zhongfu Industry, to invest and develop in the zone, building professional industrial parks like coal machine equipment manufacturing industrial park, electronics industrial park, biotechnology industrial park, electric mobile industrial park and others, possessing Linzhou Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Henan Fengbao Special Steel Co., Ltd., Sin Agriyin Thai Linzhou Biotechnology Park Company, Linzhou Guangyuan New Materials Co., Ltd. and other provincial and city level well-known leading enterprises. There are 436 entered enterprises accumulated in this zone totally, among which are 124 on-line enterprises. The total employees are up to 120,000. By the end of 2015, the development zone has realized the main business income of 61 billion yuan with an year-on-year growth of 10.3%; the total output value has reached 90 billion yuan with an increase of 13.6%; completing investment in fixed assets of 23.4 billion yuan with a growth of 20%; completing tax revenue of 1.04 billion Yuan which increases 60% year on year. It has successively won the titles of “National Demonstration Pilot Park for Recycling Reformation”, "Top Ten Industrial Cluster Districts in Henan Province (2013, 2014 and 2015)”, “Three- star level Industrial Cluster District”, “Advanced development Zone of Henan Province Opening to the Outside World”, “Henan Demonstration Pilot for intensively and economically using land”, “Integrating Test Zone of Informatization and Industrialization in Henan Province” and “the Advantages Training Area of Intellectual Property in Henan Province” and so on. The Development Zone has become an important economic growth pole of Linzhou City, which has played a window, demonstration, radiation and leading role in the regional economic development. The main practices are as follows:
  I. Focusing on project construction, building industry high ground
  In recent years, new projects with more than hundreds of million yuan are 65. Datang pyroelectricity, Linfeng aluminum electricity, Fengbao pipe industry, heavy machinery equipment manufacturing park, Guangyuan glass fiber, Sin Agriyin Thai, Hongqi Canal electric appliance and other major projects have been completed and put into operation. The steel industry becomes the significant leading-end in equipment industry from crude steel to special steel and then to high quality tube materials; coal machinery industry transforms from single hydraulic support to the fully mechanized mining equipment and energy technology, growing from the manufacturing-type enterprise into an integrated service-oriented enterprise. Auto parts industry develops from the rough, parts to the assembly, special vehicles, and new energy vehicles. The electronic products industry has been continuously developed, forming multi-product architecture of electronic cloth, household appliances, mobile phones, LED lighting and PV modules, which initially realizes industrial structure changing from “heavy to light”, products hierarchy changing from “rough to perfect”, and technological content from “low to high”, enterprise association changing from “scattered to gathering”, forming the leading industrial clusters with the leading industries of equipment manufacturing and electronic appliances.
  II. Accelerating investment attraction, building opening high ground
  Play the Hongqi Canal spirits and brand effect of national level development zone, vigorously carrying out domestic investment attraction, characteristic investment attraction, and industry investment attraction, to create an open economy development leading area. In recent years, the cumulative introduction of foreign capital is 36 billion, and the actual use of foreign capital is 150 million US dollars. Shanghai Yinzhou Electric Appliance, Haode Trade City, Theo Elevator, car magnesium wheel, power battery industrial park, annual output of 3 million mobile phones and a number of seed projects and leading projects have been introduced in. In the investment practice, around the leading industries of electric products, we take the way of “government guiding, associations organizing, business leading, and market-oriented operation”, actively introducing the industry association of the Pearl River Delta Industry Alliance to cooperate in building Hongqi Canal Power Industrial Park project. Carrying out counterpart investment in Pearl River Delta and developed regions has achieved remarkable results. At present, we have signed and introduced more than 10 projects like 350 million yuan investment from Beijing Shenzhou Power Company with annual output of 3 billion watt hours of lithium batteries of high-capacity solid-state polymer power.
  III. Strengthening scientific and technological support, creating innovating high ground
  Adhere to take the scientific and technological innovation and talent construction as the key of promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, deeply promoting the key enterprises and universities and research institutes to establish production study and research alliance to support innovation and development of enterprises. Five companies become national new high-tech enterprises, with provincial R & D Center, 10 engineering centers, 2 post-doctoral workstations, 1 academician workstation. 262 various types of high-end management personnel and 3450 professionals have been introduced. Tsinghua-Hongqi Canal new material industrialization base is built into operation, becoming the first county cooperative park of Tsinghua University. Antimicrobial peptide CAD, ionic liquids and other national “863” and “973” high-tech projects have been introduced successively. The “low-temperature and low-voltage aluminum electrolysis technology” of Lin Feng aluminum electricity has won the second award of the national invention for one ton aluminum saving 11819 degrees electricity with energy saving of 10.7%. And the city has won the national advanced city for scientific and technological progress for 3 consecutive years.
  IV. Highlighting function promoting, making investment depression
  The first is to upgrade the infrastructure. Take the city road as standards to build “six vertical and seven horizontal” of 13 main roads of clusters zone of 105 kilometers, 235 kilometers of pipe network, 228 kilometers of power grid, completing the 26.68  hectares of Huan River ecological leisure park construction, newly increasing green area of 1200,000 square meters. At present, the road network, water network, gas network, power grid, broadband, wired, green and lighting have realized the precise docking, resource sharing and functional complementation with the main urban areas of Linzhou. The new framework of urban functional area is initially formed. The second is to enhance the level of information technology. Alibaba, the Chinese network library have been settled in the development zone, constructing Hongqi Canal (An’yang) e-commerce base to build electricity trading platform for industrial enterprises and urban and rural residents. More than 95% of enterprises in clusters zone have their own service website. Hongqi Canal Electric Appliance, Sin Agriyin Thai and others have established online shopping malls to promote the accelerating integration of industrialization and informatization. The third is to promote new urbanization. To take creating a new industrial city as the goal, adhere to the city promoting producing, producing driving the city development and producing combining with city integration, building resettlement housing of  200,000 square meters, security housing of 4500 sets.
  V. Highlighting the mechanism innovation, creating dynamic park
  The first is to optimize the tax sharing mechanism. We will complete preferential policies, encourage developing “enclave economy”, and make the investment attracting projects introduced by villages and towns outside the development zone enjoy the same treatment as the projects in the district. After producing the tax, the tax will be divided into 8: 2 between projects owners and the developing zone, which will form development orientation of major projects concentrated in development zones. The second is to improve the project promoting mechanism. Carry out the responsibility system of county-level leaders contracting enterprises and projects, implementing project construction regular meeting system, supervision system, joint approval system, green channel system, one-stop management system to ensure rapid progress of the project. The third is to create talent training mechanism. Carry out the “talent project of 100 entrepreneurs”. One million will be taken out each year to support the training of young entrepreneurs to Peking University, Tsinghua University and other well-known universities, improving the modern enterprise management level. The last is to rationalize the management mechanism. Organically combine the development zone with Lingyang town, coordinating the deployment of personnel. Create “directed train” with city functional departments to establish simple and efficient management system. Through the adjustment of administrative divisions, the constructions of 7 villages in Yao town are placed under the hosting of the development zone, to achieve the integration and unify of economic development and administrative jurisdiction.
  In the period of “13th Five-Year Plan”, the Hongqi Canal Economic and Technological Development Zone based on the overall goal of constructing “new modern industrial town suitable for living and working”, around the leading industries of the equipment manufacturing and electronic appliances, takes the guide of finance, science and technology and informatization. It takes investment attraction and project construction as the starting point, taking financing platform construction and institutional mechanism innovation as the support to improve the city function, extend the industrial chain, optimize the industrial structure, develop circular economy, and realize the collaborative development of equipment manufacturing center, electronic and electrical center, modern business logistics center and the Huan River Ecological leisure center, which lead to build the new modern industrial town suitable for living and working at the junction of three provinces.
  At the end of “13th Five-Year Plan”, strive to make regional GDP reach 36 billion yuan, the main business income break through 120 billion yuan, the total industrial output value of 150 billion yuan, the actual use of foreign capital reach 1 billion US dollars, the population in zone of 300,000 people. The Hongqi Canal Economic and Technological Development Zone shall enter into the first level of national development zones in central and western regions; Linzhou industry cluster district shall enter into the top five industrial cluster districts in Henan Province.

Leading industries