I. Thought of development
  In the period of “13th Five-Year Plan”, based on the overall goal of constructing “new modern industrial town suitable for living and working”, around the leading industries of the equipment manufacturing and electronic appliances, the Hongqi Canal Economic and Technological Development Zone takes the guide of finance, science and technology and informatization. It takes investment attraction and project construction as the starting point, taking financing platform construction and institutional mechanism innovation as the support to improve the city function, extend the industrial chain, optimize the industrial structure, develop circular economy, and realize the collaborative development of equipment manufacturing center, electronic and electrical center, modern business logistics center and the Huan River Ecological leisure center, which lead to build the new modern industrial town suitable for living and working at the junction of three provinces.
  II. Goal of development
  By 2020, the regional GDP shall reach 36 billion yuan; industrial output value reaches 150 billion yuan; the leading industry operating income breaks through 120 billion yuan; tax revenue realizes 4.5 billion; the actual use of foreign capital are 500 million US dollars. The Hongqi Canal Economic and Technological Development Zone shall enter into the first level of national development zones in central and western regions; Linzhou industry cluster district shall enter into the top five industrial cluster districts in Henan Province.
  III. Focus of work
  (I). Focusing on the project leading effect to create hundreds of billions of industrial clusters
  1. Take the projects of heavy machine coal mine fully mechanized mining equipment, oil and gas field special vehicles, industrial robots, the third phrase of Fengbao Pipe Industry, km drilling rig, magnesium wheel hub of car, Yun Da gearbox, Auto Parts Industrial Park, new energy vehicles, Theo Elevator as focuses, to build equipment manufacturing industrial cluster with output value of 50 billion yuan.
  2. Take the projects of the second phrase of electronic fibric of Guangyuan New Materials, refrigerator of the Honqi Canal Electric Appliance, Electronics Industrial Park, 3 million mobile phones and other projects as focuses to build the electrical and electronic industrial cluster with the output value of 30 billion yuan.
  3. Take the  projects of Datong Logistics Park, Hongqi Canal International Auto Parts City, the railway special line, Changde Trade City and other projects as the focuses, vigorously developing the headquarters economy and introducing finance, accounting, legal, foreign trade, human resources and other productive service organizations, to create modern service industry cluster of 20 billion.
  (II). Extruding function promotion to build industrial new town
  Accomplish the 10 major infrastructure construction projects with a total investment of 1.7 billion yuan of five roads, railway special lines, supply of heat, gas supply, sewage pipe network, Huan River transformation, hospital schools and others, improving the supporting facilities, forming new city frame and fully enhance carrying capacity. Speed up the construction of the wisdom park to create a better life for the public and to promote the harmonious and sustainable development of the city.
  (III). Strengthening the platform operation to enhance the development vitality
  Play the functions of investment and financing platform of Huitong Company well, completing various types of funds operation of 5 billion yuan to provide fund guarantee for infrastructure development and major projects; play the scientific and technological leading role of Tsinghua-Hongqi Canal New Material Industrialization Center well, to introduce 10 high-tech R & D platforms including Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, and to introduce 50 high-end scientific research and management talents for the Heavy Machinery, Feng Bao, Guangyuan and other key enterprises; built Hongqi Canal An’yang E-commerce Valley, to create a provincial e-commerce demonstration base. Build 500,000 square meters of standardized workshop buildings for newly-building industrial park, to form a strategic emerging industry demonstration integrating with scientific research, pilot plant test and manufacturing.
  (IV). Highlighting the innovation-driven to promote transformation and upgrading
  Support and guide Sin Agriyin Thai, Guanyuan New Material, Heavy Machinery Group, Hongqi Canal Electric Appliance, Science & Technology Energy Material and other enterprises to cooperate with scientific research institutions, institutions of higher learning, to establish key enterprise laboratories, academician workstation, postdoctoral research and development bases, and other cooperation agencies. the amount of various types of R & D institutions in the area reaches more than 90%, enhancing independent innovation capability and promoting industrial restructuring and upgrading.
  (V). Adhere to intensive development to create green park
  1. Take constructing a national circular transformation pilot park as the goal, to complete the transforming of key projects supported by central financial funds including comprehensive utilization of Feng Bao special steel slag, creating “green advanced manufacturing demonstration area”.
  2 Speed up the demolition of the village and house merging to complete the moving resettlement of 20 villages in area, vacating land of 333.5 hectares. 36000 people will live in new-type communities, which will realize farmers changing into citizens.
  3. Speed up the construction of new areas and complete the construction task of 164 building of 164,000 square meters in Ling Yang new area, to realize the four functions of moving resettlement, security resettlement, supporting services and the nearest employment. Among them, there are 1.46 million square meters of resettlement houses, 400,000 square meters of affordable housing, 700,000 square meters of low-cost commercial housing, and 840,000 square meters of schools, hospitals, hotels and other supporting facilities, setting up the modernized industrial new city in Linzhou.
  4. Start on the comprehensive management of downstream river and both sides development with high standards and high level. Complete the landscape green belt construction besides new-built roads and landscaping lighting project, expanding the green space and build an ecological green city.

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